Fly fishing is elevated in the work of Andrej Krysov


If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.”
Zane Grey

Fishing can sometimes look like a foolish pursuit.  In the mind of many, it’s just drowning worms by the bank to pass the time, an excuse to day drink, or a honey-do list escape.  There is great enjoyment and an element of skill in all types of angling but fly fishing is not only renown but a case can be made that it’s the closest to an art form that fishing gets.  Simply watching others’ casting technique can be a therapeutic experience.  Like many aspects of the sport, it looks deceptively simple to perform.  There countless varieties of rods, line, and reel choices paired for presenting the right flies, targeting chosen species, or to address a specific condition you’re fishing.

Not only fly selection but fly tying is another element of fly fishing that demand an artist’s touch.  An attention to detail so specific is required within your current surroundings and then in your approach to replicating their forage with chenille, hackle, and more.  The entire sport of fly fishing is something which requires a lifetime to develop competence, not expertise.  There are plenty of experts in their chosen waters, species, and conditions but there really aren’t fly fishing experts that can be dropped anywhere on the globe simply knowing what to do.

This rich pursuit of fly fishing is understood by many artists.  Some are anglers themselves and that brings a depth to their work that is not easily replicated.  A favorite artist of mine who understands this is Andrej Krysov.  If fly fishing is an art form already, his work certainly elevates it.  I had a chance to learn more about his own fishing and work in the following interview.  I hope you enjoy learning more about the artist and certainly take in the many samples included here.


How did you get started as an artist and angler?

I’ve been drawing and fishing my whole life. Specifically fly fishing 15 years. Four years ago, I decided to combine these two of my hobbies, and started to take pictures on a theme of fly fishing. I graduated from the Academy of graphic arts in Moscow and professionally engaged in the illustration of children’s books.


What is your “why” when it comes to creating your artworks?

Work on the pictures about fly fishing brings me more moral pleasure than material, I do completely different in technique and execution of the work, it’s drawings and watercolors and calligraphy and cartoons on the topic of fly fishing.

Where can those interested find more of your work samples?

I have a portfolio on behans website and I exhibit my works on Facebook page. I am grateful to all who are interested in my work and will answer the letter including about the purchase of my pictures. A big thank you to my friends.

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