Spend Time with Family - Connect with Nature - Catch more Fish
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River King Fishing was founded to help anglers spend more time with family, connect with nature, and catch more fish.  Our content includes the below and more:

  • Adventure Finder: Featuring fishing guides and fishing travel opportunities.
  • Family, Nature, & Fishing: A mixed bag of fishy content
  • Advocate for growing the sport of Carp fishing.

Patrick Ritter is the founder of River King Fishing, LLC.  Raised at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, the outdoors, especially fishing, has always been a passion.  Working in financial services by day, he seeks every opportunity after work to get out of a suit and into the mud by the river. 

Patrick also writes for Carp Angler Magazine.  Most importantly, Patrick is married with two boys who frequently join in the fun.  


This e-book helps you catch more fish without the distractions.  This is done using a minimalist approach on light tackle targeting proven river structures from the shoreline.  When you open your mind to the variety of fish and the often overlooked beauty of your local rivers, you may be pleasantly surprised how much fun you and your family will have.

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