All things beautiful with Jamie Sandford

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. -Francis Bacon

It’s a great thing in life to find friends that are as excited as you are about a shared interest.  It’s even better to find people that have not only a couple of things in common with you but several.  Then it’s a very peculiar, almost strange thing to find someone who lives in another country you’ve never met in person with so many of the same interests, you wonder if perhaps you’ve been seperated at birth.  Jamie Sandford is a friend I’ve known at least a year as another Carp on the fly enthusiast.

Though we live on different continents, Facebook allows us to keep in touch and his updates via Carp Champions are how I first got to know Jamie.  Over time I became interested in his other posts on things I really enjoy too: travel, metal music, good beer, fly tying, etc.  While I’m not rehabbing an English cottage and not much of a biking enthusiast, just about everything else about Jamie’s into has been interesting to follow.  Plus I think we all should have a good variety of pursuits to help us continue learning and avoid becoming a bore.

With that in mind, I hope you find the following anything but boring.  This piece is about what I call all things beautiful.  The small things in life that can be enjoyed in minutes but are truly big things.  These little moments can easily make your day, week, month, or whole year more memorable.  The critics say one of the major risks of social media is that it breeds envy.  That we only see the sanitized version of people’s lives and therefore it’s deceptive.  It makes others feel left out or prone to compare circumstances with others.

All I know for sure is that I’m happy to see others enjoy what I love to enjoy.  I get the elation that is bringing a freight train of a carp to hand on the fly.  There are few things better to hear than some old school metal on the am drive to work.  And a good quality beer is about the best way to wrap up a long day of anything (but of course fishing is naturally included).  So if you also enjoy fishing, beer, travel, metal, etc., prove the critics wrong, appreciate this piece minus the envy, and take in all this beauty Jamie’s got to share.


My summer fishing: Carp, Trout, Beers and Metal!

As the seasons change here in the U.K. I look back on the summer I’ve had in 2018, And what a summer its been!

Fishing here in England and abroad in places such as the EBRO in Spain and the flats of Portugal have been very successful making for a really fun and exciting summer.

I was very lucky to have one of my best trips yet in Portugal this year catching over 100 carp, sight-fishing the flats using head-stand flies, And as I’ve previously written my annual trip to Spain lure fishing for Black Bass, Zander and Perch was yet again a trip of a lifetime with some great fish caught on a variety of lures including surface walkers, poppers, jigs and crank-baits.

Once back home I have had some great captures at my local fisheries using all manner of floating patterns for Carp and I have been rewarded with some stunning looking mirrors and commons on the fly.

From funky looking beetles to more natural style terrestrials the possibilities are endless when you let your imagination be free at the fly tying vice and as the go to pattern in the U.K. tends to be ‘Pellet flies’ its exciting catching on creatures & critters that are multi-colored with various legs and appendages!

Now with the weather turning colder in the U.K. I have started getting my ‘Trout’ head on.  With lots of local ‘stocked ‘ fisheries all within driving distance I am lucky to have fishing on my doorstep.  These stocked waters contain Rainbows, Browns and the odd bonus TIGER and BROOK trout and although these fish are stocked they always put a smile on my face.

Having taken up fly tying over the last few years I have really enjoyed tying up various coloured lures and a favourite pattern of mine at present is the classic ‘CATS WHISKER’ in white and chartreuse, This really seems to be working really well stripped back fast on an intermediate line creating a ‘WHAT’S THAT’ attitude from the trout.

After a good days fishing there’s nothing better in my opinion than coming home and kicking back with a beer and some music…Now I might be wrong here but most lure anglers I know and speak too are metalheads, So I’ve included a pic of my desert island records along with my favourite beers at present! (I’d really recommend the ADNAMS ‘BROADSIDE’)


I think metal music sums up my lure fishing….Its loud, fast, hard and aggressive…And when you get a take from a Carp, Trout or Bass the echoes of Mastodons ‘BLOOD AND THUNDER’ ring through my head!

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