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Big Oklahoma Paddlefish, Catfish, Bass, and more with BZ Guide Service

The variety of fishing available in this country is seemingly endless. So far we have profiled professional guides that specialize in species as varied as Musky to Carp, Crappie to Trout, Tarpon to Bass, Walleye, and more. Our next feature, BZ Guide Service in Grove, Oklahoma is no exception.
Starting out as a tournament bass angler, Zack Rumple has gone on to guide on Grand Lake utilizing a variety of approaches. This reservoir has a lot to offer anglers and has a healthy population of many species but BZ is known for catching Paddlefish. Much like Gar and Sturgeon, Paddlefish are a fish once seen, are not forgotten. Resembling a creature that likely swam with the dinosaurs, Paddlefish can grow very large and can make for a unique angling experience. We sought out Zach to learn more about Grand Lake and what fish his guide service can help put you on.

Tell us your story. How did you get into this profession and why do you do it? I started bass fishing tournaments with my father (Mike Rumple) at the age of 6 years old and we won many local bass tournaments as a father-son duo. Once reaching the age of 19, I bought my own bass boat and began fishing tournaments locally with some sponsorship help. In 2009 I sold dang near all my fishing equipment besides just enough to pond fish. I moved away from Grand Lake chasing a welding career until 2012 when I finally moved back to Grand Lake and bought a home.

An older gentleman named Hank Souders was a local guide and he was a good friend to my father. I asked him one day if he'd teach me about Paddlefish. The date was set Hank and I went out not once but time and time again. I ended up asking Hank about guiding his and response was, "I'm getting to old to pick up these big fish". He offered to sell me everything which is how I got started. BZ Guide Service then became the name of my business by combining the first name initials from my son Brennan and myself, Zach.


What's been your favorite experience/fish story you've seen first-hand as a guide? In 5 years of offering the public guided fishing trips, I have too many to list as favorites. A couple that stand out include monster fish though. The first trip was in 2016 with a man named Donald from Minnesota. Donald and I along with 2 other buddies went out on a rainy cold Oklahoma spring day targeting Paddlefish. We did not get on a lot of fish but boy the 9 fish we boated were anywhere from 20lbs to 92lbs. We put 485lbs of live fish in the bottom of the boat in 4hrs!

The other one that stands out was a time with some friends. It was a catfish trip where we had a monster 44lb BlueCat come into the boat along with two other fish at 20lbs a piece. All these fish came out of 4ft of water along with getting into other lines as well as the anchor ropes multiple times. We literally had a 3 ring circus on board and how we managed to land these fish is still beyond me!

What are the fishing opportunities where you guide? When are the best times for a given species? BZ Guide Service in NE Oklahoma offers mulitple fishing trips for all types of anglers. Some specialties include Paddlefish, Catfish, Crappie, Whitebass, and Bowfishing.
Paddlefish trips begin in December and go through 1st of May.
Catfishing trips run best through November until 1st of May.
Crappie fishing is great all year round besides the hot months of July, August, and September.
Whitebass typically begin March through July.
Bowfishing begins June and wraps up in September.


If you are looking accommodations lakefront and especially for groups, the Bunk House and the Boat House are a couple of cozy options right on Grand Lake. Pair either option with a unique angling experience in the heart of the Midwest by booking BZ Guide Service in Grove, Oklahoma.

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