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An OZarks Heritage Lives On

An Ozarks Heritage Lives On

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”― Gustav Mahler If you take a look around at any grocery store, waiting room, classroom, cubicle, you name it, it is unavoidable.  Human progress is rolling forward and we’re more efficient than we’ve ever been.  Accomplishing more with technology than our forefathers would have […]

RKF YouTube Cover Art

River King Fishing 2018 Snapshot

Scott Smith Tailers and Chasers

A mixed bag of big catch potential with Tailers & Chasers Guide Service

Nothing beats the experience of traveling to new destinations in pursuit of fishing adventure.  When I can’t do that first hand, being able to write about it is a close second.  Learning more about the species caught, methods used, and the big fish potential of new waters is one aspect of fishing that keeps anglers […]

Sanford piece

All things beautiful with Jamie Sandford

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. -Francis Bacon It’s a great thing in life to find friends that are as excited as you are about a shared interest.  It’s even better to find people that have not only a couple of things in common with you but several.  Then […]


Artist Snapshot: Jarrod Biddle


The Practitioner’s Edge: Dan Burr Illustration

The beauty, the wonder, and the discovery in nature is a well that never runs dry.  An angler appreciates this and is underlying the drive to get outdoors.  Each outing is another opportunity to take it in, observe the minute details of your catch, and uncover new treasures where you fish.  It’s beyond amazing to […]

Carp Opportunity

The Common Carp provides an uncommon fishing opportunity

A great book was published a few years back called Start with Why by Simon Sinek. His golden circle reference has helped define many endeavours since. If you’re curious to see more, check out the YouTube link here that provides his Ted Talk presentation. In a nutshell his message is that no one cares what […]

carp fishing

Made to hunt: Stalking mud movers on the fly with Jason Schwermer

Catching my first carp on the fly was just an electric experience.  Catching carp was the main motivator for me to learn how to fly fish.  Though more experienced and skilled anglers had warned me that the skill required to convince these intelligent quarry to bite is best left to skilled fly anglers.  I taught […]


How the Missouri bronzeback opportunity is golden year-round

Missouri is the Show Me State. Geographically we’re in the middle of the country but we also rarely make the best or worst of many rankings.  According to U.S. News and World Report rankings, we land at #25 for education, #33 for economy #20 for infrastructure and surprisingly #45 for crime & corrections.  Our #21 […]


An outdoors Renaissance Man: Cody Gould

It’s hard to imagine today but there was a time in the western world when the majority of people were illiterate.  Even royalty were among the uneducated of the day while the clergy were often the only and most educated.  The Black Plague ravaged Europe, sending more than 50 million or 60% of Europe’s population […]

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