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Travel to Dale Hollow for Massive Mirror and Common Carp Fishing with Carp Adventures Rx

This feature might raise some eyebrows and hopefully change perceptions.  We are featuring a fishing guide service based on Dale Hollow reservoir in Tennessee.  It is a legendary fishery for Smallmouth Bass having produced the world record in 1955 at 11.9375lbs.  This body of water also produced the Smallies that hold spots 2 and 3 […]

Jamie Sandford

A trip across the pond: Fishing gear for a variety of European Species with Jamie Sandford

Life is short and the fish to be caught are many! There are so many places to fish throughout this planet.  It’s a fact that has only become more and more apparent in recent years as the global reach of the internet empowers anglers to not just pursue new places to catch the fish they […]

Clary Tenkara

Tenkara Carp Fishing with Donavan Clary

A reoccurring theme on this blog is that of curiosity.  Anglers are explorers first and we seek adventure in not only the species we pursue but where and also in the methods employ to do the catching.  We are endlessly curious about the ways to get a hook in a fish’s mouth.  There’s lots of […]

Fishing Gear

Angling and Art meld beautifully in Slackertide gear

At River King Fishing we want to shine a spotlight on a variety of fascinating topics and people from the world of fishing. This has led us to interview fishing guides, authors, photographers, and now added to this mixed bag of fishy content will be fishing artists. I could think of no better place to […]

Bichrest Brookies at night

Nocturnal Natives: Travel to Maine for Brook Trout Fishing at night

Our next featured guide offers a fishing experience you may not have tried before. For the avid fly fisherman, a challenge for both your senses and your angling skill. The opportunity to bring native Brook Trout to hand is a blast on the fly to begin with. Getting into some larger ones, even better. Now […]

Gyeonji Cover

Gyeonji Fishing for Carp and more with Devin Biggs

A favorite show to pass the time on the daily commute is The Orvis Fly Fishing podcast with Tom Rosenbauer.  In an episode late last year, Tom was answering an emailed question about how to convince more anglers that fly fishing was better or “the way to go” instead of a conventional rod and reel […]


An adventure of a lifetime: The Wels Catfish of Mequininza

For many anglers there’s a goal. It’s a reoccurring dream of catching the fish of a lifetime. A massive Swordfish, Halibut, or perhaps a Goliath Grouper. Another fish species that grows to giant proportions is the Wels Catfish. Known for not only their size but also their fierce nature and impressive strength, the Wels reigns […]

Reelfoot Lake

A Traveler’s Perspective: Cypress stands and Crappie slabs at Reelfoot Lake

While it’s great fun to research, interview, and ultimately write about great fishing travel opportunities for the entire family, when you get to instead do the catching firsthand, well that’s of course much better.  I was lucky enough in March to get to fish Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee.  A short 3+ hour drive from St. […]

AR Wander

Hiking, fishing, and photo opportunities abound on the Buffalo River in Arkansas

The Natural State. As a lifelong resident of neighboring Missouri, I’ve traveled to and through dozens of towns in Arkansas. I love the backroads, the rolling hills, and diversity of landscape from one corner of the state to another. Each year the White and Norfork Rivers are a favorite trout fishing location. As much as […]

BZ Guide Service

Big Oklahoma Paddlefish, Catfish, Bass, and more with BZ Guide Service

  The variety of fishing available in this country is seemingly endless. So far we have profiled professional guides that specialize in species as varied as Musky to Carp, Crappie to Trout, Tarpon to Bass, Walleye, and more. Our next feature, BZ Guide Service in Grove, Oklahoma is no exception. Starting out as a tournament […]

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