From Fry to Angler: Bringing Together Family and Fishing Gear

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

 Jane Goodall

Take a moment and remember being a kid.  Before we became jaded by the real world and when the smallest of surprises would just make your week.  That element of surprise and accompanying joy definitely gets numbed, even lost in adulthood.  One of those pure joys of childhood luckily stuck with me and still provides so much joy and that’s fishing.  I can still remember the lake by my house where countless bluegill and an occasional yellow belly catfish would just as well have been an Amazon adventure to this 6 year old Missouri boy. Family

For some fishing is just a hobby.  A way to kill some time and get away for a bit.  For many of us however, we got our start fishing because of someone important.  Someone took the time to show us we were important to them.  They took us for a walk to the lake or creek, showed us how to cast, bait a hook, and maybe even clean and cook our catch.  Even if it was a bore and you never went fishing again, it was a multi-hour investment of time that many quite frankly are not willing to make in the life of a child in today’s busy world.  That same feeling of being important enough that someone thought of us what From Fry to Angler delivers right to kid’s doorsteps nationwide.  The brainchild of Patrick McAnear, From Fry to Angler provides a Lucky Kid Tackle Box weekly to children all over the country.  Patrick is a passionate angler who wanted to do more.  He’s decided to make a difference with his non-profit that will hopefully play a pivotal role in the development of our nation’s future fishermen!  Always curious to learn more, we had a chance to catch up with Patrick McAnear to learn more.

Tell us about yourself?  Have you always been a fisherman or has that been an interest that’s developed over time? What’s your average day of fishing like? What fish do you target, preferred techniques, flies, etc. ?

I’m Patrick McAnear founder of From Fry To Angler a nonprofit that sends fishing tackle to kids all across America to get more kids involved in fishing. Also put on kids fishing tournament possible doing the worlds first online kids fishing tournament. From the time I was a kid my grandpa, mom, dad and uncle would always take me fishing. Some of my greatest memories are fishing with them when I was a kid. When I’m fishing I target bass I use jigs, drop shot and crankbaits for the most part.

Tells us the story how the nonprofit was started? 

I always fish with my little nephews and little brother when I get the chance.  My little brothers are just as crazy about fishing as I am and I always give them stuff I don’t use or was not planning on using and they love that. That’s when I came up with the idea to give that joy to others and I put together a box with tackle and started a Facebook page to find a kid to send it to Every week I kept making another box and sending it out.  The first few kids where local in Lubbock and then it started to spread across Texas and then New Mexico and just kept going into other states.  Now I’m sending boxes all over the US every week and it just keeps growing. The giveaway keep getting bigger and bigger.  We went from 1 box a week to 4 and I plan on getting as much out as I can. I want to give these kids fishing memories to last a lifetime as well as a reason to just get out of the house. The most touching box I have ever sent out was to a kid whose grandfather had always fished with him.  His grandfather passed away and the day of the funeral he put his favorite lure in his grandfather’s casket. That same day he got his Lucky Kid Tackle Box and some how I put that same lure in the box that he put in his grandfather’s casket!

How can others support your mission and help provide these kits to more kids?

Everyone is welcome to send in Tackle and lures to our P.O. Box that is found on the Facebook page they can also donate via PayPal or even just like and share the page also they can take a kid fishing.

If you had that one person take you fishing as a child, pay that forward!  A small donation of some tackle could not only make a difference in this child’s week but also start a lifelong love of fishing, the outdoors, nature, and more!

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